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Forschungsmuseum Schöningen, Paläon 1, 38364 Schöningen

27. März - 13. September 2020

Bodenschätze – Geschichte(n) aus dem Untergrund

What would archaeology be without "soil"? Definitely not as exciting as it is with "soil". Many archaeological sites in the country would not even exist without the different soils. Soil is the largest archive of human and natural history. It forgets nothing and preserves much. On top of that, it has experienced a lot itself - you just have to make it talk.

»BodenSchätze - Geschichte(n) aus dem Untergrund« is an interactive journey of discovery into the soil. It is aimed at young and old field researchers and treasure hunters - and anyone who wants to become one. It playfully combines a wide variety of scientific fields related to archaeology and soil science and provides answers to many curious questions: Can you make your own soil? Why are soils so different? How does the color actually get into the soil? Why do sometimes really old finds survive and sometimes nothing at all?

All visitors, young and old, will be amazed and surprised at how many stories are hidden in our soil. And one thing is for sure: The view that is directed downwards in the future will be different after visiting the exhibition. And that's a good thing, because soil is a vital resource, also for future generations.

The exhibition uses a variety of stations to convey how important soil is. Different soils are explained and even made to speak in the truest sense of the word. Complicated research methods are explained in a playful way. And everyone can freely uncover a house, a grave or a mule in a real excavation. The excavation tools are provided. The exhibition thus raises awareness of the environmentally relevant topic of soil protection and preservation and at the same time inspires enthusiasm for the fascinating world of science.

»BodenSchätze – Geschichte(n) aus dem Untergrund« was developed at the Museum und Park Kalkriese and has made stops as a touring exhibition in renowned museums, always with outstanding visitor response and excellent reviews in the media and among experts. It was conceptualized by Dr. Heidrun Derks and the current exhibition manager at the Schöningen Research Museum, Jana Hugler. The sophisticated design was in the hands of Neo-Studio, who have also designed the Schwedenspeicher in Stade, among others. The target group is children and families, but the exhibition also offers adults and experts sophisticated mediation and the very best entertainment.

In the Schöningen Research Museum, the "Kippenboden" is presented as a new segment. The soil of the year 2019 has been brought into focus by the coal phase-out and can be highlighted especially in Schöningen.

The exhibition opening can be followed live on the Internet on May 25, starting at 6 p.m.: youtu.be/KJB84d3d6mw.

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