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Bestiarium Construendum

Bestiarium Construendum
"Art deals with the fundamental questions of life and artists
are the greatest children. Playing explores the mysteries of our existence:
Who am I? Where do I come from?"
(Alexander Reichstein)

The special exhibition Bestiarium Construendum is an imagination-filled invitation to engage in these questions.

The sculptures by the Finnish-Russian artist Alexander Reichstein resemble ancient relics in their appearance; their color and the rough surface of the large building blocks convey the impression of past cultures. Whether well-known animals, creatures from myths and fairy tales or previously unseen critters - there are no limits to one's imagination.

In addition to Alexander Reichstein's sculptures, a wide variety of beasts from human history will be on display in accompanying showcases: unicorns constructed from ancient bones, prehistoric art depicting animal-human hybrids, and various creations from taxidermy workshops.

The exhibits are intended to inspire visitors to create their own and previously unknown creatures in the hands-on section of the exhibition.