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The permanent exhibition

The permanent exhibition takes a look into the past through lively stories about the Schöningen spears. You travel back about 300,000 years to the Palaeolithic Age and meet the first inhabitants of Lower Saxony.

New insights into the Palaeolithic era

The Schöningen spears are of sensational importance not only for Lower Saxony, but for the history of all mankind. They are among the oldest evidence of creative intelligence. Knowledge about the cultural and social achievements of early man was revolutionized by the find. In the exhibition you will experience in exciting stagings how a hunting expedition might have taken place about 300,000 years ago. The oldest hunting weapons of mankind are the trigger for many new findings about the Palaeolithic era. They are one of the most important and significant parts of the exhibition. Because only here, at their location of discovery, the original spears can be seen. There, where they were left by humans about 300,000 years ago.

Insight into the climatic history

The geological features of the Schöningen site also provide a revealing insight into the climatic history of the region. The sedimentary layers provide unique insights into the development of the climate between two glacial periods. Environmental changes and man's adaptation to them are therefore further thematic complexes in the permanent exhibition. In this way, a link is established to the phenomena and mechanisms of current climate changes.


Homo heidelbergensis "Hamlet"
Klima- und Naturgeschichte
frei zugänglichen Labor
Zusammensetzversuche der Hölzer
Fundstelle Schöningen 13 II mit den 4 Verlandungsfolgen (J. Serangeli).
Braunkohleabbau, Grabung und Präsentation: Blick aus dem Tagebau
vom Schaufelradbagger abgebaute fossile Brennstoff
Elefantenstoßzahn bergung

Temporary exhibition

In the Forschungsmuseum Schöningen, experience and science are combined in an innovative exhibition concept. The highlight is the Schöningen Spears, which are unique in the world. We are looking forward to your visit.