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How to find us

From direction Magdeburg/Berlin

Leave the A2 at junction 63 Marienborn / Helmstedt. Follow the B1 towards Helmstedt and then turn onto the B244 towards Schöningen. In
Schöningen take the L652 towards Hötensleben - the Schöningen Research Museum is on the left.

From the direction Braunschweig/Hannover

Leave the A2 at junction 61 Helmstedt-West and follow the B244 towards Schöningen. In Schöningen take the L652 towards Hötensleben - the Schöningen Research Museum is on the left hand side.

By public transport

You can reach Helmstedt by train. From Helmstedt train station take the bus (line 370 direction Schöppenstedt train station) to Schöningen ZOB. Coming from the west via Hannover or from the south via Göttingen, take the train via Braunschweig to Schöppenstedt. From Schöppenstedt take the bus (line 370 direction Helmstedt Krankenhaus) to Schöningen ZOB. From Schöningen ZOB, take bus line 395 to the "Paläon" stop.
You can find the connections at:
With the electronic travel planner (www.efa.de) you get a personal timetable how to reach the Forschungsmuseum Schöningen by public transport.
From Schöningen ZOB, you can reach the museum on foot in about 20 min.

By bike or on foot

Schöningen is located in the Elm-Lappwald Nature Park, through which numerous (bicycle) hiking trails lead. Details about these can be found at www.elm-lappwald.de or at www.schoeningen.de/sport_und_freizeit/wandern_im_elm. The town is also located on the Berlin-Hameln bike path, the scenic and well-developed bike connection between the capital and the Pied Piper town.
Bicycle racks are located on the upper section of the site next to the "Paläon" bus stop and in front of the Café and Bistro zum Elmsee.


E-Mail: forschungsmuseum-schoeningen(at)nld.niedersachsen.de
Tel.: 05352 90 91 10

Forschungsmuseum Schöningen
Paläon 1
38364 Schöningen


Dr. Henning Haßmann, Director

E-Mail: henning.hassmann(at)nld.niedersachsen.de
Tel.: 05 11 / 9 25 - 53 01

Axel Drube, Technical service

E-Mail: axel.drube(at)nld.niedersachsen.de
Tel.: 05352 909 11 16

Jana Hugler, M.A., Exhibition and mediation

E-Mail: jana.hugler(at)nld.niedersachsen.de
Tel.: 05352 909 11 13

Anna-Laura Krogmeier, Restoration

E-Mail: anna-laura.krogmeier(at)nld.niedersachsen.de
Tel.: 05352 909 11 14

Sarah Tasler, Administration

E-Mail: sarah.tasler(at)nld.niedersachsen.de
Tel.: 05352 909 11 17

Björn Hoppe, Extracurricular place of learning

E-Mail: bjoern.hoppe(at)rhs-bs.de
Tel.: 05352 909 11 12

Dr. Tobias Wulf, Press and public relations

E-Mail: tobias.wulf(at)nld.niedersachsen.de
Tel.: 05 11 / 9 25 - 52 63

Förderverein Schöninger Speere – Erbe der Menschheit e. V.

The Förderverein Schöninger Speere - Erbe der Menschheit e. V. is dedicated to the promotion and support of the research project in the Schöningen open pit lignite mine - one of the most important archaeological archives in the history of mankind.

Its main concern, the establishment of a research and teaching facility that does justice to the archaeological sensational find of the Schöningen Spears, has become reality with the paläon - Schöningen Spears Research and Experience Center. The driving force and one of the main visionaries is the chairman of the association, Dr. Wolf-Michael Schmid.

Förderverein Schöninger Speere – Erbe der Menschheit e. V.
Markt 1
38364 Schöningen

Phone: 05352-512-212
Telefax: 05352-512-199
E-Mail: dr.schmid(at)schmidgruppe.com